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English in plain sight

Always wanted to write, but didn’t know where to start? I offer fun, friendly, affordable writing workshops. Check out my schedule – there’s a workshop for everyone.

I bring your writing to life through the power of editing and proofreading, and am here to make sure that you can present with punch.

Whether you’re polishing a document for your qualification, resurrecting the old novel you always wanted to put down on paper or you just need some help to get that wording right, contact me for affordable assistance.

If you’re learning the English language, allow me to bring it into plain sight.

Looking to make your company inclusive? Look no further than eye4Detail for consultancy and brailled documents.

Hi, I’m Megan – the detail behind the brand. I have an MA Distinction and 1st class undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. My work has included various office jobs and teaching English to German secondary school pupils. Through my involvement with Toastmasters International, I have become an award-winning presenter. Examples of my writing can be found here, and you can view some of the other projects I’ve been involved in. Enjoy browsing my site to find videos on inclusive practice, information about my creative writing workshops and lots more.

I’m passionate about inclusivity and one of the projects I’ve been committed to is You’re Welcome Gloucestershire, an inclusive online directory and forum. It’s the place to find county-wide social events, clubs, groups or places to visit. In this video we talk about the importance of ALT text in Social Media posts and describe how to add it to all your content.

Feel free to get in touch through my contact page or by emailing