Screen Reader Review

A new initiative to collect, index and present reviews of Microsoft Windows Applications for screen reader users.

We are asking everyone who uses a screen reader with Windows to send us your thoughts and comments on the following:

  • How well does your screen reader work with the everyday software application you would like to use?
  • Are there applications that have changed in the way they interact with your screen reader?
  • What is your experience of using online shopping and banking in your daily life?

In your response please note the version of Windows you are using, the name and version of your screen reader, and the version of the software application.

We are pleased to receive any feedback, simple or detailed. If you feel you want to spend some time on a serious review of a software application and the features that work or do not work with your screen reader software, we would be very grateful.

Note that this review page is for information only. We have no affiliations with any software supplier, nor will this be used to recommend screen readers or other applications.