Proofreading and Content Creation

Whether you are putting together a project for school or college, looking to create a leaflet that stands out or writing something that packs a punch, I can proofread your work to eliminate all those little typos and edit it to make sure that your words have power.

I am experienced in many forms of creative writing and provide assistance for anyone wanting to write their novel or get their voice on the page. My reasonable rates help you decide whether I am the right writer for you.

This is what people say about me:

“My path crossed with that of Megan’s in 2019, since when she has made a telling contribution to my efforts in both narrative and poetry. Megan has provided valuable feedback on a regular basis. She is reliable, conscientious, enthusiastic, and never short of comments or thoughts.” (Dr John Davis)

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Dr John Davis

Megan provided some consultancy around editing a short story I have written. Her keen eye for detail, thorough understanding of story structure and insight into writing characters helped me better understand my protagonist and how she had come to find herself in the situation. Megan questioned me insightfully, leading me to better understand the back story. With Megan’s help I was able to write a more convincing heroine that my readers could believe in.

Having been through my story with a fine tooth comb in preparation for our session, she  also pointed out some anomalies in the story where details were still in my head, but not on the page which was highly useful.

The session exceeded expectations and I one hundred percent recommend her for your literary editing needs.

Kathryn Keating

Last year, I decided to self publish a book about raising my deafblind child. 

Having no previous writing experience, Megan offered her wonderful skills to help edit my book. Not only did she make the whole process so straightforward, I really valued her endless knowledge and advice.

The book quickly became a 5 star hit overnight, and I am in no doubt that it was thanks to Megan’s skills of helping me to create a fast paced, easy to read story. 

Her editing skills helped me understand how to write to the best of my abilities and I would love to work with her again in the future. (Carla Alderman)

You can read her book here:

Cameron’s Smile: Raising a deafblind child: Golledge, Carla Danielle: 9798535478159: Books