2023 Workshop Schedule

Megan’s online workshops take place on Zoom, and cover a wide range of themes to ignite your creativity. If any of these take your fancy, email aneyefordetailjournalism@gmail.com.

Thursday 16 February, 7-9pm
The Workshop of Love

Tuesday 21 March, 7-9pm
Spring into Writing

Tuesday 11 April, 7-9pm
April Fools: Writing with Humour

Friday 5 May, 7-9pm
May You Find Inspiration

Thursday 22 June, 7-9pm
Who’s June? Creating Credible Characters

Wednesday July 12, 7-9pm
Write with the Senses

Friday 18 August, 7-9pm
Animals, and Why we Love to Write about Them

Tuesday 5 September, 7-9pm
Remember, Remember the 5th of September…

Tuesday 31 October, 7-9pm
A Spooktacular sparkler of a write-off

Saturday 11 November, 7-9pm
Scary Saturday Night Write

Thursday 7 December, 7-9pm
Festive Fun