Submission Guidelines

A variety of voices is central to the diversity that is integral to eye4Detail. As such, the site is always looking for guest writers to provide their unique perspective on topical news coverage. The guidelines below should help to clarify what we are looking for.

The article should explore a topical story from a fresh angle which hasn’t previously been covered. The story does not have to be well-known; eye4Detail welcomes coverage from local, national, and international levels. Such examples of events under discussion might include theming an article around national days, celebrities, or current affairs.

Although political writing is welcomed, the article must meet eye4Detail’s apolitical ethos.

The submission should be intelligently written and researched; see previous articles to get a feel for what we are looking for.

Guest writers are welcome to use their personal experiences if these are relevant to the topic under discussion. However, writers must accept responsibility for any identifying information contained within their submission.

A guest writer is not limited to single submissions and may submit several articles at a time. Please submit each article in a separate document.

All submissions should be sent as a word-compatible document (.doc, .docx, .rtf or.txt) with the title or the first line of the piece as the file name.

If images or other media are included in the article, please do not put these into the document and instead explain these in the body of the email.

Eye4Detail will contact authors within three weeks of their received submission.

Please note that by submitting writing to this site, you give eye4Detail the right to:

– Edit your work. This may include cutting out unnecessary words and phrases, or using extracts of your article. The editor will advise you if any changes are made and, where possible, will seek the author’s feedback on this.

– Publish the work alongside the name you provide for publication.

– Set up a profile under your provided name so that readers can learn about the site’s writers. The editor will make contact to discuss this with you.

Please send all submissions to